Then Add Tax

Hello Honeybees,

Ever see a quote on the interweb that just speaks to your soul?  Well that happened to me.

This quote struck something deep inside of me & at the time I wasn’t really sure why. We have all seen this quote or something like it plenty of times. But for some reason on this day it was like a punch to the gut and I watched it play out in my life not to long afterwards.

We spend a lot of time with our self worth being tied up in what we see on social media, where we work and who we hang out with. We place a lot of undo stress on ourselves because we compare ourselves to others. Don’t let your self worth be tied to someone else.

We get in relationships hoping that the other person will be able to “fix us” or complete us but they can’t.

Only you can “fix” you.

We get upset when the people who we thought should support us don’t. We’re ready to throw in the towel. But we must keep pushing with or without their support.

I posted a picture where I was in a room full of women that I admire & look up to. I questioned why I was in that room. Yall imposter syndrome is real but it didn’t last long. Just as quickly as those thoughts came, they went. Why? Because I realized that I deserved to be there. I questioned my own self worth. Someone thought enough of me to invite me. They saw my value and in the end so did I.

People can and will doubt you. They will question your value. That’s their problem.

YOU not realizing your value that’s YOUR problem.

Seek out ways to understand your value.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Beewisdom- know your worth and then add tax

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