901 to 504

Hello Honeybees,

Despite the title this post is not about me taking my son to college in New Orleans. In fact it has absolutely nothing to do with our college drop off experience. This 901 to 504 has everything to do with a new boutique that just opened this past week in the Edge District in Memphis.

I had the privilege of interviewing the owners Stephanie and Lisa and attending an event a few days before the grand opening.

What does the name mean? Where did it come from?

Nine01 II Five04 is a combination of area codes from Memphis and New Orleans. 
Two best friends separated by area codes and the Mississippi River came together 
in Memphis to open our first boutique. 



How did you find each other?


We met in a really odd way about ten years ago. Let me preface by saying, both of us are southern women who say please and thank you and hold doors for people. We were both walking into a building and a woman in front of us let the door slam right in our faces. Lisa and I both started talking about how rude the occurrence was and then the conversation continued. We are talkers so it went on for a while and we realized we had so much in common. I told Lisa I was a stylist and we started shopping together. Not that she needs my help picking out clothes, it was just a fun way for us to hang out. 


What made you open the store?


Owning our own store is something we both have wanted before we even knew one another. 
Stephanie started working in retail at age 15 and it became her dream to have her own store because of her love for fashion, merchandising and styling people to make them look and feel their best. Lisa has always loved fashion and shopping. She is a business owner in New Orleans so she has the expertise with the paperwork and financial aspect side. Together, we have an excellent balance to create a successful retail business. The dynamic just works for us. We are both only children and have found a sisterhood with each other. It’s so amazing to come to our store 6 days a week, build something we’ve both dreamed of and work with your best friend. 




Why this location?


After a few years of talking about opening our own business, we decided to make the leap and ventured out to find the perfect space. We started looking in late 2017 and it took about a year to find what we wanted. We picked the 676 Marshall Ave location for the high foot traffic and proximity to Sun Studios. There is so much happening in the Medical District / The Edge and we wanted to get in on 
the ground floor of development to make our mark in the area. Lisa and I looked in several areas of Memphis but The Edge District just felt right. You know when you get that feeling that everything is going to fall into place? That’s the feeling we had when we saw this building. It was important to us to find a space where we felt at home and we found that at 676 Marshall. Also, the cross street is South Orleans Avenue so we agreed that was a great plus side and would help to encompass the 504 area code in our business name. 




What brands do you carry? How much is local?

When we went to market, we wanted to find items that no one else really had in the city. We are the only retail store carrying Duck Head and are hosting a Memphis Tigers Tailgate with them on August 31 to promote the store and the Collegiate Duck Head line. We are carrying Psycho Bunny for men, 7Diamonds, Bed Stu and Duke Cannon. Our women’s selection is extensive. We have gorgeous handmade dresses from Spain, woven boots and backpacks from The Netherlands and handcrafted bags from Russia. Things you won’t find anywhere else in the city. We are also housing local art from our respective cities of Memphis and New Orleans with lines like Sarah Ott New Orleans, Estes Designs, Paper Cloth Glass, Hard Knot Designs, Cry Baby Club Gang, Jo Wayland-Smith Art, Antzee Magruder Fabric Art and we will be carrying Kristin Magdalene Knits for fall. 

Who is your “customer”

In a world that is divided there’s no room for more turmoil. We even have a doormat that reads, “All Are Welcome Here.” There is something in Nine01 II Five04 for every man and woman in sizes up to 3X. We have Memphis art starting at $3 and quality leather goods topping the chart at $600. There is something in here to fit any budget and lifestyle. We wanted to create a one stop shop. At our boutique you can pick up an inexpensive gift for a co-worker and treat yo self while you’re here. 

There you have it. Stop by and visit the store and tell them that The Honeybee sent you.



Beewisdom- Love Where You Live, Shop Local

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