My Favorite Valentine’s Day Memory

Hello Honeybees,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day can hold some happy memories and for some people some not so good memories. For me I’m in the middle. I have experienced both the good and the not so good. I can take all the dark chocolate that you can give me, or a cupcake or a single flower. But I don’t need all the pomp and circumstance. Don’t get me wrong I truly believe in love and I love, love. I am always happy to see people in love. Seeing people in love makes my heart happy. I’m sure there will be plenty of proposals taking place today and plenty of babies born in November.

Some people love the big splash on Vday, you know the one where there are enough balloons to float away, or enough flowers to open a flower shop or the stuffed animal that’s bigger than a small child. When I was younger I enjoyed the love day splash but as I matured I started to love the smaller more intimate gestures.

My favorite valentine’s day memory involved only two people. Me & Him. Because he knew that I wasn’t big on big displays he prepared an intimate candle light dinner for two. All I had to do was dress up and show up. No restaurant, no waiting, no crowds. He did all the work, prepared all the food, set the table, and had my favorite flower. This was my first candle light dinner experience. It was filled with love, authenticity and appreciation. The fact that someone took the time to make me happy was as special as it gets. Even though the relationship didn’t last, I will always have this memory of what a real, to me, valentine’s day looks and feels like.

I don’t think that Valentine’s day should make or break the relationship, it should only enhance the relationship. It should be one of the many special days that you celebrate the love that you share in a special way.

I hope that today you create some beautiful memories of love.   What’s your favorite Valentine’s memory?


Beewisdom- Where there is love, there is life

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