Jean Check

Hello Honeybees,
I’ve completely lost count of how long I’ve been #shelteredinplace. The days, weeks & now months have all run together. I’m tired of cooking, I’m tired of cleaning the kitchen (I don’t like the way my sons do it). I am most definitely tired of zoom calls for work or pleasure.
We’ve all had to make some adjustments especially when it comes to diet & exercise. I walk outside as much as possible but if it’s too cold or wet I’ll walk inside my building.
I’m also still watching what I eat. Before Corona I was meal planning. It more so for financial reasons than diet but it worked for both so win-win. These days I’m not meal planning as much but I’m also not pigging out. I try to keep healthy snacks around & even though Lent is over & I can have sweets I’m not going back.
I don’t have a scale & since the YMCA is closed I can’t weigh myself so I do the next best thing…. I try on my jeans!! If the jeans still fit I’m okay. When the jeans can’t button it’s time to put in MORE work. Now THIS will drive me to a Zoom workout.
Since business is now virtual and you only get to see my top, like most people I have on sweats or something super comfy on the bottom. So giving my jeans a test run once a week helps me to gauge where I am. I would love to come out of this a size smaller.
I hope everyone is staying safe. We are definitely each other’s keeper at this point. Your not going out can save someone’s life.
Beewisdom- You are not hungry sis. Close the refrigerator door.

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