Slow Down

Hello Honeybees,

In a recent conversation with my oldest son I asked him what was an important lesson that he has learned. He is all of 19 so the answer that I received was not what I expected but one that I totally understood.

His answer was “it’s okay to take things slow”.

How many 19 year olds truly understand that concept? He has never known life without the internet. He has never had to depend only on the mailman to deliver things. He’s never known what it feels like to only have a landline. So for him to understand the concept of taking things slow was refreshing.

He came to this realization during a doctors visit. This was his first visit to an “adult” doctor and she took the time to talk to him about life, school, work and his future. She reassured him that he could accomplish everything he wanted and that it was okay for him to take his time. That made him feel so much better about himself. It was a confidence booster.

Because he had a very rough college start he was discouraged and felt like he disappointed me. Not gonna lie I was not happy with him but I had to realize that he is not me or his brother and that he has to do things the way that works best for him. So going slow it is. He is excited to restart his college journey at a slower pace, his pace.

The child is teaching the parent. I admit that sometimes I hate taking things slow, I want it when I want it which is usually NOW. But watching him move at his pace has encouraged me to do the same. I’m in a waiting period in my life right now and believe me I want to rush to the end but this 19 year old has shown this 50 plus year old that sometimes slow and steady wins the race.

What area in your life do you need to slow down?


Beewisdom- The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit – Moliere

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