What Excites You?

Hello Honeybees,

What excites you most about life RIGHT NOW? TODAY!

What makes you jump out of bed ready to start the day? What makes you smile when you think about it. Notice I didn’t say who. What sparks joy in your life?  Is it a new job, a new car or is it the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want? It might even be a new workout routine (gotta get that body right & tight)

When I thought about this question in regards to my life the first thing that came to mind was my youngest son and his upcoming graduation and leaving for college. But then I thought, yes that does bring me joy & yes I am more than excited about it BUT that’s more about him than me. That’s more about being a damn good parent (pats self on back AND takes a bow) and my choice to be a parent.

What is happening in MY life that excites ME? Well you are reading it. This blog excites me. Having my own little piece of the internet excites me. Creating content and writing excites me. The fact that you are even reading this excites me. Although I’m still nervous in front of the camera, all of the prep work, finding locations and shooting photos excites me. Learning from other influencers excites me. Watching my brand grow excites me. Shoot, just the thought of me saying hat I have a brand excites me. Planning a trip to a blogger conference excites me. Going to blogger events excites me. See where I’m going with this? Everything about this brand excites me. I sometimes dream about a post, a picture or branding ideas. Yep, it can be that deep. Yes, it is that deep.

Being an entrepreneur is something that I never wanted to be because I understood how much or your blood, sweat and tears went into creating and maintaining a successful business. But as I work on my brand I understand more about how entrepreneurs feel when that dream becomes a reality. I’ll probably always have a regular job because the security of having that steady income is extremely important and comforting to me and yes, I know that no job is guaranteed but so far so good.

You will never make me believe that finding and doing something that makes you happy doesn’t extend your life. I know that it at least makes your time here on earth more enjoyable. I want us all to be happy and one way to do that is to find what excites us and DO IT!!


Beewisdom- Things that excite you are not random. They are connected yo your purpose. Follow them. – ThinkGrowProsper

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