Be. Here. Now.

Hello Honeybees,

I live what I think is an active social media life. I document places, life and events to share with you all on the interweb. But sometimes I like to just enjoy the moment. Sometimes I don’t want to share the person or the experience. Sometimes I just want to be in that moment.

I heard the phrase “Be. Here. Now.” during a staff training. We talked about actually listening & being there for teammates. But also how to apply it to our personal lives. If you have teenagers then you already know that communicating with them can sometimes be a struggle, especially if they are boys.

Mom: how was your day
Son: ok
Mom: everything going ok with you
Son: yes
Mom: do anything interesting today
Son: no

I have heard that girls are different.

Trying to parent more than one child has been very interesting. Two humans with the same DNA, who grew up together in the same environment but are so totally different. Because their personalities are so different I have to engage them differently. I have to Be Here Now in different ways.

The morning of the training I asked my son to take his clothes out of the dryer before he left for school. I could tell by his reaction that something was off but I didn’t stop to see what it was because I was so focused on the clothes in the dryer & getting out the door on time. That evening he started talking about something that happened at school & I immediately stopped was I doing to Be Here Now for him. No phone, no laptop, no distractions. What I learned from that talk was when I asked him about the clothes he felt that I was yelling & angry at 6:18 am. I didn’t feel like I was yelling or angry but he did. So we both started the day on a sour note.  All of this could have been avoided if I had just been present in the moment and acknowledged his reaction to the conversation.

I am committed to Be Here Now for my sons because I won’t have them with me always. I want to cherish the time that we have before my nest is empty. I am committed to Be Here Now for my friends because our friendships are important to me. Having the much needed girl gatherings. Catching up over drinks. Stopping to actually have that phone conversation.  Most importantly I am committed to Be Here Now for ME. Saying NO and meaning it. When my body tells me to slow down, I listen and will slow down. Why? Because I am worth it and you can’t pour from an empty cup.


Beewisdom- Wherever you are, be all there

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