One Day

Hello honeybees,

We all have that one article of clothing that we keep in the back of the closet that we will get back into “ONE DAY”. For most it’s a pair of jeans but for me it was this dress.

A little history on this dress. One of my bff’s was purging her closet and gave me this dress. Y’all this was so long ago that I can’t even remember what year it was. Yes, I said YEARS. When I first saw this dress I fell in love with it. The color and the shape was just so beautiful to me. I’m not surprised by this because my bff has great taste. In fact a lot of the clothes that I wear are either thrifted or she handed them down to me. I love clothes, dressing up and sometimes I even like to shop but I can always count on her to give me some beautiful pieces.

The first time I tried on this dress I couldn’t get it over my hips. Imagine my disappointment. My heart was broken. Since this dress came into my life I have done several closet purges including downsizing from a house to an apartment. But I just couldn’t part with this dress. Whenever I would see it in my closet I would mentally say….ONE DAY!

So today I am happy to say that I made it. Not only can I get the dress over my hips I can zip it and I have plenty of room to breathe (insert praise shout here).

So why did I share this story? Because although it took me years, with an S, to get into this dress I never gave up. I knew in my heart of hearts that one day I would be able to rock it. It was about the goal that I attached to this dress. So whatever goal you are trying to conquer, whether it’s losing weight or something else, don’t give up. It might not happen on your ideal schedule but if you keep at it, it will happen.



Beewisdom- Speak over yourself

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