Life’s A Beach

Hello Honeybees,

For the past 6 years I have spent the second weekend of October on Miramar beach in Destin, Fl.  For the past 6 years this has been my yearly time of relaxation and reflection.  This has been the time for me to recharge my battery.

The Beach

The trip for me started as a shopping trip. Silversands Premium Outlet Mall has it all and is in walking distance from our hotel.

I must admit the first two years were all about shopping.  What girl doesn’t love a designer outlet?

As my life circumstances changed so did my reason for going.  I now go to spend time with ME, MYSELF & I. And GOD!!

We arrive in Florida Friday afternoon and we are free to do whatever makes us happy until Sunday noon when we head back to Memphis.  I have my weekend down to a science…. Food, Beach, Food, Rest

Fl tree

I cannot describe the impact that this trip has on my life.

Being near the water, watching the sunrise, enjoying quiet time reading on the beach

Beach Reading

It’s the one time of the year when I’m not a mother, an employee or any other title……

I am ME

Sunday morning we have prayer on the beach.  This is the time where we give our troubles to God. We use a stone as a symbol of something that we want to let go of & toss it into the ocean.  We let it go & give it to God.  I’ve learned that if I truly give it to Him it’s gone.

The Stone

Last year the thing that I gave to God was gone by the time I made it back to Destin.

This year I gave Him something new and I know that He will take care of it again.

I’m already looking forward to next year.  I’m already looking forward to spending THAT quality time with God and being grateful for my blessings.


Belinda Bee pic

How do you recharge? Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?

Beewisdom – The beach is my happy place 

2 thoughts on “Life’s A Beach

  1. Love it!!! I think I might want to go next year if there is room for one more!!! However I will have an entire bag of rocks or boulders to throw into the ocean!!!! Lol Love ya and keep blogging from you honey bee 😊🐝

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  2. Awesome! Before my last two birthday adventures in the mountains, I would have immediately said the beach. I still think the beach wins, but the mountains are a close second…as long as it’s not cold. 🙂


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