Girls Night Out

Hello Honeybees,

Can you believe that it’s almost Christmas?

Can you believe that it’s almost a New Year?

Christmas is usually the time that we spend with family. A time to come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus. It’s a time for food. A time to watch children experience the excitement of the season.

Now, New Year’s Eve is a different story all together. NYE is a time to P A R T Y! I haven’t been out on NYE in a long time.  I prefer a quiet night in the house and hopefully someone will wake me before the clock strikes midnight. Yep, I’m THAT girl.

Now IF I was going out on NYE I would have to dress up just a little. And it might look a little something like this.

This NYE #OOTN is COMPLETELY thrifted. Since I don’t like to really dress up to go out I don’t spend a lot of money on dress up clothes. But I know that I always need to have staple pieces in my closet. You just never know.  This complete #OOTN cost me less than $30.

Top: Calvin Klein – Goodwill
Bottom: Banana Republic- Blues City Thrift
Boots: Nine West- Sugarplum Cosignment
Necklace: Target

Now that’s how you start the New Year….Looking good for a fraction of the cost.

Check out my fellow blogger boos  (Bianca) Curvaceouslybee , (Ashlee) Big World Huge Style, (Marshella) Tayloredxtaylor, (Chasity) Sweat In Mascara and (Faith) Faithfully Yours as we celebrate our Girls Night Out NYE looks.  We had a chilly but fun time shooting these looks on the iconic Beale Street.

Photos: Kim Thomas @KPfusion

Happy Holidays Honeybees

Beewisdom- The best time to celebrate is whenever you can.

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