Can You Handle The Truth?

Hello Honeybees,

Recently I was having a conversation about telling people the truth. Everyone always says that they want people to be honest with them but then get upset when people tell them the truth. Some people have no trouble saying what’s on their mind. They are straight shooters when it comes to giving you advice.  But could they handle it if you gave it to them the way they give it to you? Most times the answer is NO. It’s always easier for someone to tell you what they think but they do not want you to tell them anything.

If you knew that your friends significant other was cheating would you tell?

If you knew that your friend was about to make a big mistake would you tell them?

Does the truth depend on the strength of your friendship/relationship?

What about in the workplace? How much truth is shared among coworkers & superiors?

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I like to hear the truth, yes I really do, especially if I ask you for it and it is given in the right spirit. Meaning you are not trying to harm but to help. Your truth might be able to help me grow and learn. However, it can be hard for me sometimes to give the truth especially if I know that it is going to hurt the person. I’ll give it but the delivery will be soft. Am I wrong for that?

How do you feel about the truth? Would you want someone that doesn’t pull punches or someone to do a soft lob?

Beewisdom- The truth is rarely pure and never simple Oscar Wilde


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