The Personal Touch

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I enjoy reading books that have been suggested by someone that I admire. This month’s book was recommended by Myleik Teele.   As the founder of curlBOX, Myleik is a success in her own right.  Go check her out.  On her website Myleik has a list of suggested reading.  I wrote down several books that appealed to me and headed to the library. 

I use to buy all my books from Barnes & Noble but that was getting to be a very expensive habit.  I have an e-reader but I love the feel of a book in my hand.

The Personal Touch. What You Really Need to Succeed in Today’s Fast Paced Business World by Terrie Williams

Terrie Williams


Terrie Williams left her job as a social worker to open her own public relations firm.  A very successful public relations firm.  It was her personal touch that help create her success.  You never know who can help you.

“I always wanted to save the world. I can’t do that of course.  But I can do my part and encourage others to do the same. – Terri Williams

Although written before social media became what it is today The Personal Touch is still relevant, more so now than ever.                      

This is business and life etiquette at its best.

I have implemented some of the suggestions and shared with others, especially team members.  We can get so caught up in email and text that we forget what the personal touch is all about.  Simply things like a handwritten thank you note, sending a gift to a business associate or someone you want to be a business associate and remembering that everyone is important from the janitor to the CEO.

If you are just starting out this is a MUST read so that you understand old school business etiquette.  It still works. For those of us that have been around awhile it’s a reminder to not forget the personal touch and how to integrate it with social media.

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When was the last time you actually wrote a thank you note after an important meeting?

Beewisdom- “It’s easy to laugh at etiquette, but in a hundred years our children’s grandchildren will almost certainly laughing at us- Sara Sheridan

2 thoughts on “The Personal Touch

  1. Giving a personal touch is something I’ve always took pride in with my gift business and now my coaching business. There’s nothing like talking with someone or receiving a gift from someone who know you from the inside out.


  2. Can you give tips on how you get all these books read? I REALLY want to read more, but haven’t been able to make the time…


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