Next Stop? Thrift Shop!

Hello Honeybees,August Thrift 5Monday was National Thrift Shop Day.

To honor National Thrift Shop Day  I’m doing my first thrift store post.

August Thrift 3

August Thrift 2

August Thrift 1Have a conversation with me and you will learn quickly of my love for thrifting.  It really amazes me how many people I meet actually like to thrift.  Some for the thrill of the hunt and some for the bargain.

ME..I do it for both.  

This very casual outfit cost a total of $10… necklace and shoes included.  All thrifted items purchased at Goodwill (Winchester/Riverdale)

Chambray Top- Old Navy $3.99

Floral Skirt-Isaac Mizrahi for Target $4.99

Shoes-Nike $0 (a gift from my days working at the Swoosh)

Necklace-Pink $1

Stay tuned to the blog and you will get a chance to see some of my thrifty finds.

Belinda Bee pic

Do you like to thrift?  What are some of your favorite thrift stores? 

Beewisdom- I’m gonna pop some tags, only got 20 dollars in my pocket- Thrift Shop

Photo credit:Nikki Gibbs

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