Do What You Like

Hello Honeybees,

My job requires me to carry some pretty interesting things. Things that might embarrass some but not me or my teammates. 

You see, I am the Director of Community Outreach for A Step Ahead Foundation, a nonprofit that provides FREE Long Term Reversible Contraceptives or LARC for short, to the women of Shelby County. 


At ANY given time you will find in my car or purse for that matter…. Condoms, models of the female reproductive system, or actual models of the methods that we provide. You can visit our website at to learn more. 

My trunk is a very interesting place.  I keep displays and supplies ready at a moment’s notice. I never know when I might have to pull out my stuff and do a presentation.


Earlier this week I was picking up my car from the shop.  The young man that was helping me had to go in my trunk.  The first thing that he saw when he opened the trunk was a big detailed display of the female reproductive system.  I can only imagine what he was thinking.

The conversations at work can go from zero to weird real quick.

“Do we have anymore condoms?”

“Yes, there are a few BOXES in the closet”


“Has anyone seen my uterus?”

“No, but you can borrow mine”

When male guest come into the office we give them fair warning about the possible conversations that might happen.  Hey, we have work to do and they are more than welcome to join in.

Sometimes it can seem like a sorority house (a term our CEO has adopted). But we all enjoy what we do. Work does not have to be boring. Why should it be?

Outreach Team at Flash MobOutreach team at DixonBee, Nikki & Ingram at BrunchAt A Step Ahead Foundation we are helping the women in our community take control of their lives by planning their lives, families and future.IMG_0287

Not everyone gets to enjoy the work that they do but I am truly blessed that I do!

Belinda Bee pic

What is the strangest thing that has happened to you at work?

Beewisdom-  The only way to do great work is to love what you do!!

2 thoughts on “Do What You Like

  1. The strangest thing that has happened to me at work back when I worked in college at a call center was I had as skirt on in which I must have forgotten to zip it up or it was too big for me. More than likely I forgot to zip it because I was a pretty heavy girl and nothing was ever too big on me lol. Well anyway, I remember getting up to go do something and the skirt fell to the floor and there I was standing there in my underwear lol. And no, I didn’t have a slip on lol. I was so embarrassed but I’ve never seen myself move that quickly either to rectify the situation lol.


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