Love Is In The Air

Hello Honeybees,

This weekend we celebrate LOVE.  Even though Valentine’s Day is Sunday you will see the flowers and candy start to arrive at jobs & schools on Friday.  Maybe Thursday. Saturday night Walgreen’s will be packed with last minute shoppers.  Victoria’s Secret will not have many secret left to tell or sale. 

I truly enjoy this season whether I have a “bae” or not because I love to see love. I love to be surrounded by love.  I love to see two people sharing that special glance, holding hands, just being in that moment together.  It does my heart good.  Watching other people enjoy love truly makes me smile. 

I know that Facebook will be overflowing with sentiments of love.  There will be pictures of new couples and couples that have been going the distance for a while.  I’m sure that there might even be a few engagements.

 To them all I say Congratulations!

If you are “boo-less” this Valentine’s Day don’t be discouraged. Love will find you when it’s your turn.  In the meantime be sure that you are ready to receive love.  Be open to new people and new experiences. You never know when and where love will find you.

Grade School Art
Grade School Art

So this February 14th when you see the outpouring of love, don’t question it, don’t judge it, just sit back watch, enjoy, congratulate and know that in due season that will be you.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Belinda Bee pic

How will you send Valentine’s Day?

Beewisdom-Be happy for this moment, this moment is your life- Omar Khayyam

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