All About Bee

Hello Honeybees,

This post is all about ME.  I hope you enjoy getting to know me, quirks and all.

  1. I am an only child
  2. A lot of my closest friends are “onlys” too
  3. I gave birth AND lost a parent in 72 hours
  4. I am a homebody..that’s where my heart is
  5. I am divorced..that’s a good thing..believe me
  6. I was born in Chicago
  7. I am afraid of heights
  8. I am slow to anger but when I reach my boiling point I can be VERY unforgiving
  9. I did not get my driver’s license until after I was 20
  10. I can drive a 5 speed
  11. I hate long car rides
  12. I was raised Catholic
  13. I attended an All Girls high school, Immaculate Conception
  14. I wanted to attend Central High School but mom said nope
  15. I was accepted into Dillard University but mom said nope
  16. I love fancy restaurants…expensive foodie
  17. I LOVE grapes but HATE raisins… I know…special
  18. I do not like chocolate ice cream….never have
  19. My favorite cake is chocolate but it has to have white frosting
  20. I like to bake, especially cookies
  21. I have a coffee “problem”. Yep Starbucks Gold Card member
  22. I prefer my tea without sugar. We can thank Mickey D’s for that
  23. If it comes from the sea/ocean I’ll eat it….. or at least try it
  24. Red wine gives me a migraine. Got to figure out a way around this
The world in my hand
The world in my hand
  1. I learned to drink in college- University of Tennessee Martin at the Alpha house
  2. I was an Alpha Sweetheart in college- Mighty Mu Beta
  3. I LOVE my AKA- Beta Epsilon Omega
  4. I’m just now learning how to wear makeup. Never to late
  5. I can cross stitch. Learned in high school
  6. I can NOT draw a straight line….even with a ruler
  7. I can NOT cut on a straight line…dotted or solid line
  8. I can’t sing at all…… but I know all the words to songs I like
  9. I love the ballet and all kinds of theater…. thanks mom
  10. My daddy taught me the game of football… I think he wanted a son
  11. I only watch college sports during Bowl games & March Madness
  12. I do not like animals but I hate for people to mistreat them
  13. I love to dance
  14. I go to bed at 8pm….I’ve never been a night owl
  15. I’ve never had braids or weave or extensions….thinking hard about braids
  16. I’m still scared of the pressing comb…sorry straighten comb
  17. I hate unpacking after a trip
  18. I want to visit Paris
  19. I’ve never been skiing but I’ve been to a ski resort….the lodge was very nice
  20. I LOVE watching TV….it puts me to sleep every night
  21. I hate to grocery shop….mainly because I don’t still don’t know how…SMH
  22. I prefer to shop alone…that only child thing again
  23. I want to be an Executive Director of a non profit…career goals
  24. I turn 49 this year & I’m loving it.  Bring on 50!!!

That wasn’t so bad, was it?  Now tell me something about you.

BelindaBee pic

Beewisdom- We are born to be real, not to be perfect- Unknown

5 thoughts on “All About Bee

  1. I think a lot of those could be traits of a true Cancer, I can relate to just about every thing you just said. Hmm or maybe family traits?


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