Memphis Blogger Meet Up

Hello Honeybees,

Friday night I attended the first meet up of Memphis Blogger Mastermind Group (MBMG).  MBMG is a network of like-minded creatives who are passionate about sharing ideas with the world. Since I’ve been blogging I have always admired how bloggers in other cities were able to come together to share and network. Well we can now add Memphis to the list.



The meet up was held at The Lab-Memphis Fashion Week.  This is such a creative space.  If you are into fashion or design this is the place for you.  Drop by for a visit. You will not be disappointed.



Being able to hear from “The Real Life Willy Wonka”, Chef Phillip Ashley was a perfect addition to the meet up. The lessons, experience and advice were memorable. Sampling his chocolate creations was icing on the cake.

A special thank you  https://blueprintblackink.com/ for taking the lead and bringing us all together.



If you would like to join us for the next Memphis Blogger Meet Up you can send your information to info.memphisblogger@gmail.com.

Hope to see you next time.

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Beewisdom- Blogging requires passion!!

2 thoughts on “Memphis Blogger Meet Up

    1. I got you for the next one. Send your info (blog address, email, phone number) to the email address so that you don’t miss anything else. Also, let her know if you would like to be a St. Jude Blogger ambassador.


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