Are You Playing Chess or Checkers?

Hello Honeybees,

Coming to Memphis as a child for my summer vacations holds many great memories for me. My cousins & I would have so much fun. It was during those vacations that my uncles taught us how to play checkers. It wasn’t a hard game to learn and only required a little strategy.  Collecting your opponents checkers to get to the other side so that your opponent could “king you”. All checkers carry the same weight until they reach the other side. Checkers is a relatively quick game. You could easily play a game while waiting on your table at Cracker Barrel.     You know you’ve done it!!


Now Chess is on another level. Chess requires a lot of strategy and not all pieces are created equal. Chess is game that takes time, patients & skill. Chess players in general think 5 moves ahead while checkers is played in the moment.

So why am I talking about Chess & Checkers? Glad you asked…

These games got me to thinking about my goals and the action or inaction behind them.

Am I playing Chess or Checkers?

If I don’t have any action steps to help me reach my goals, I say its checkers.  Once I put action steps in place AND act on them….THEN I move into a game of Chess.


Which game are you playing?

Planning ahead means making an investment and commitment in your future. Without planning you are letting life happen to you. You are playing checkers.

We must be strategic in planning. We must plan 5 steps ahead.


Today I challenge you to a game of Chess!!

Belinda Bee pic

Beewisdom- Move in silence, only speak when it’s time to say CHECKMATE. Instagram UpscaleLuxury

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