My New Home

Hello Honeybees,

In my last post I shared that things at the honey pot were busy….well things have not slowed down AT ALL.  In fact the pace has picked up. The month of June has been and continues to be crazy busy for me & my family.  The biggest thing this month is that we moved. Yes I have a new hive. After years of being a homeowner I gave it up. I know it sounds crazy but it’s the right move for me. This blog post by photog & blogger Michael Butler sums it up quite nice. 


My ex husband and I purchased our house three years into our marriage.  We wanted our future children to have the space to grow, run and play.  Now that I have been divorced for almost 9 years the upkeep on a house by myself was more than I wanted to continue to handle.  I was over it.  As my sons got older I knew that I was ready to move on. Anyone close to me knows that my plan was to move to an apartment in the Downtown, Midtown area after my oldest son graduated from high school.  Well, when you tell the universe your dreams it rises up to meet you. And rise up it did.  I didn’t know the how, why or where but I knew that I had to take the first step. I started the process in October of 2016 and in June 2017 I moved into my new space in Crosstown. You know that part of town between Midtown & Downtown.  See how things work out!

Yes, I gave up space but to me it was a worth the trade. As I was packing my closet I realized that I have way too much “stuff”.  I already knew this but now I REALLY know it. I did a purge before I stated packing but that still was not enough so I will purge again. My goal is get all of my clothes, shoes, coats etc into one closet. This move is forcing me to live with less.  It can be done and I will do it. I’m putting that into the universe.

Outside of the big move this month my oldest has New Student Orientation at University of Memphis and a week of Frosh Camp. My youngest spent the first week of June at Engineering Camp at Missouri S&T. I spent 20 hours on the road that week plus moving. Whew…this honeybee is TIRED! But I’m glad to be in my new home. We are still unpacking and getting organized. I’ll do a post later once we have everything put together.

To say that I am looking forward to some rest in July is an understatement. Oh yeah…there a few other things that I put into the universe that will happen in July so stay tuned.  #FollowMeInto50

Belinda Bloggingwithbee

Beewisdom – Own less, Live More -anonymous

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