Busy Making Honey

Hello Honeybees,

It’s been a busy time around the honey pot. This month has brought a couple of opportunities for me to step outside my comfort zone and one next chapter life event for my oldest son.

Since losing my mom, Mother’s Day has always been bittersweet.  This year I had the opportunity to share the experience by speaking at a butterfly release. The butterfly release gave those who have lost a mother, sister or child, a chance for remembrance and comfort. This was my first time sharing in spoken word about my mom. I’ve shared it in writing but never in front of people. I made it through the speech without crying but I can’t say the same for my support. When I returned to my seat some of my support was in tears. I know it wasn’t all about me, they were crying for their own lost. Between them they lost a mother, a sister and a daughter. I am grateful that they were there for me & I pray that the tears that they shed were cleansing.

On a lighter note, I participated in a video for Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. I was asked to share my thoughts as a parent for one of their programs Be Proud! Be Responsible!. Be Proud! Be Responsible! is a teen pregnancy prevention program that collaborates with community centers, schools and churches. This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. Helping to educate young people on the risk & consequences of being sexual active before they are ready is important work. Being a part of this video was a lot of fun as you can tell. I can’t wait to see the final product.

Last but certainly not least my oldest son graduated from high school. I vividly remember his birth two days after losing my mom. Now my “baby” is ready to start the next real chapter in his life. I held up really well until the graduates marched in. It was at that moment that I felt the presence of my mom and I was a little chocked up. I made it through the ceremony without crying but the fact that my baby was moving on was emotionally tough.

The month of May is not over yet & there are still more life changes to come. As my family moves into a new home, my oldest is preparing for a very busy June with a job & University of Memphis Freshman activities, my youngest is preparing for Engineering camp and my job is relocating to new offices. This Honeybee will need a vacay soon & very soon.

I told you that a lot is happening around the honey pot!! Stay tuned to see what coming next. Oh yeah, in July. The Honeybee turns 50. More to come on that. #FollowMeInto50

Belinda Bloggingwithbee

Beewisdom- “Things will never be the same, that’s just the way it is” Tupac

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