My Tribe

Hello Honeybees,

Do you have a tribe?

If so who is in your tribe?

What’s the vibe of your tribe?

Well I have a tribe, I actually have several, here and here . Kind of like the 5 tribes that make up Wakanda. I have several tribes that help keep this queen together. Last month I got together with one of my tribes to celebrate one of our own who recently earned her MBA. It’s important that we celebrate our wins, the big ones and especially the small ones. We try to get together often but between, family, work & LIFE it can be hard. We finally found a day & time that worked for all or rather we all made the time to celebrate. You make time for what’s important to you and this girl time was important.

We decided on pot luck to help make it easier on the host, Me! We had a great time just catching up. We reminisced about the college days, old dating woes, the children, men and of course the future. We FaceTimed one of our daughters who is at Clark Atlanta. It’s just amazing to think that we all met when we were teens & now we have children from college graduates to middle school. Time waits for no wo(man), so you have to enjoy life in the moments.

One thing that made this night extra special was our treasure boxes. We wrote notes to each other to keep in our boxes so that whenever we need a little encouragement we can go to our boxes. This way we always have someone to help adjust our crowns even if we can’t be there physically.

I am so proud to have so many queens surrounding me. I am blessed that we help & encourage one another. Find your tribe and love them hard.

Beewisdom- Your vibe attracts your tribe

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