Rest, Refocus, Release

Hello Honeybees,

Last week I was in Chicago for the Equity Summit 2018, more on that next week, and I was sitting in the hotel lobby talking with some new found Memphis friends. There was an older gentleman sitting with us but he was not part of our conversation. At one point he interrupted the conversation and asked me for the name of my therapist. I looked at him with a bewildered look & said “excuse me, but I don’t have a therapist but I could use one”. Mental health is important. He laughed and said that I was so happy and that I had such a great outlook on life that he wanted to go to the same therapist. I received that compliment and my spirits were lifted. The three days of rest, refocusing and releasing were a success. I was in a happy place and I guess it showed.

I really appreciated him saying something because I really needed to hear it.  Although I was in Chicago for work it felt good to just get away from the everyday grind. It was great to have some time to myself to really think and figure out some things. I was able to reflect on some future projects and decide if I wanted to move forward with them or put them on hold. I was able to refocus and put some things, people and relationships behind me. Not always easy to do but for my happiness it had to be done.

Top:Thrifted Ann Taylor, Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes:Versona (Southaven), Necklace: Target


I am so looking forward to not only the remainder of 2018 but the plans that are already in motion for 2019.

My best is yet to come.

Beewisdom-Don’t just be good to others, be good to you.

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