Sweet Home Chicago

Hello Honeybees,

A week ago I had the opportunity to go back home. The Honeybee was born in Chicago in the summer of 67. After the death of my father my mom & I moved to Memphis. I went back to Chicago for a visit a few years after the move but I haven’t been back since. Needless to say I was looking forward to going home.

I played tourist because in essence I was a tourist. There were two things that were a must for my visit. Garrett’s Popcorn & Giordano’s pizza. I only had one full day in Chicago & that included attending the conference that brought me home.

Whenever I travel I always like to take at least a couple of hours to explore on my own. I will always find somewhere safe to just walk & explore. And I did just that in Chicago. I bundled up because it was in the 40’s with rain in the forecast and headed up Michigan Ave. I walked away from the shopping end of Michigan Ave. why tempt myself, especially when I didn’t have room in my carry on for another piece of fabric.

My first stop was Garret’s Popcorn. I knew what I wanted so I was in & out. Next stop..Shake Shack. This wasn’t on my original to eat list but it was a pleasant surprise. As I’m walking to Shake Shack I pass Millennium Park which means I HAD to get a picture at the “bean”.

Picture taken now on the Shake Shack. It was too cold for a Shake but the burger & fries were really good. I need another visit when it’s a little warmer for the Shake.

After lunch I headed back to the conference for my last workshop. But I had to stop by Fannie Mays. This place was a childhood favorite. I didn’t eat much candy as a child but when I did it was Fannie Mays. This brought back so many good memories of my parents.

Walking Michigan Ave and enjoying the beautiful architecture of Chicago in the cold was part of the release that I needed. It felt good, I felt safe, I felt at home.

Until next time Chicago

Beewisdom-Let me tell you something. I’m from Chicago. I don’t break.- Barack Obama

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