You Are Your Best Investment

Hello Honeybees,

A few weeks ago I attended a photography workshop given by Kim Thomas of KPFusion.  She has another one this weekend if it’s not sold out. This was my second time attending this class but this time Kim changed it up. This time we were able to do mini photo shoots with each other with Kim teaching us HOW to use our cameras. Just the basic stuff. For me it was just enough to be dangerous 😂 This time I actually read the camera manual before class and was able to follow along.

My camera equipment is basic but it was not inexpensive. It is an investment in my brand. Attending workshops is an investment. Reading articles, listening to podcast, attending events with other bloggers, those are all investments. Having a mentor & being a part of a blogger group where we share & learn from each other is an investment. The investment can be both time and money. Whether or not you make the investment can determine how far you will go and at what speed.

We are our biggest investment. In order for us to grow we have to have something or someone to pour into us. To help guide us. To help encourage us. To push us. To help us reach the next level. But also remember that you have to do the same for others. Don’t keep all of that knowledge to yourself.

Think about it.  As a parent we don’t mind investing in our children. If they show ANY kind of interest in any extracurricular activity we find the money & make the time to get them what they need to be successful. Even if they change their minds & want to do something else.

Why don’t we do the same for ourselves? You don’t like where you are in your career? Find out what you need to do to either advance or make a move, then do it. You need a new resume, make the investment to have someone revamp it. You want to write a book? Make the investment to talk to someone about how they did it. You want to start a blog, talk to a blogger, Google it and make it happen. Remember, time is money & picking someones brain ain’t always free.

Top & pants- Thrifted  Shoes-Target


These pictures were taken at that blogger workshop by Desiree of Mocha Divas. We made the investment and our brands will be better for it.


Beewisdom- To have dividends from life, invest in yourself. -Debasish Mridha

2 thoughts on “You Are Your Best Investment

  1. You are absolutely right! We must invest in ourselves, our brands, our dreams! Too many people don’t understand just how important this is. Even I just started truly embracing this in the last few years.

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