Quiet Resistance

Hello Honeybees,

Thanks to my daddy I love the game of football. I look forward to it every year, from pre-season to the Superbowl.

Except this year. Yes I am late to the party but I’m here now.

This year I am boycotting the NFL & yes it’s because I support & kneel with Colin Kapernick. That’s my right & my choice. That’s what the flag is suppose to represent. I support Colin because as a mother of two African American sons I see what the world has to offer them. I see how differently they are treated. I see how surprised people are when they act like gentlemen or speak correct English.  My sons do not have a fair or the same chances & opportunities that non boys of color have. In these United States of America, their lives to do carry equal weight and for that I take a knee. It may not make a difference to the NFL or anyone at all but it makes a difference to me. My oldest son knows my love for football and the Pittsburgh Steelers. He calls me every Sunday to ask if I’m still boycotting the games. Every Sunday I say yes. Every Sunday I explain the why. Every Sunday I am sad for the reason why. 

And just to be clear… IT’S NOT ABOUT THE FLAG!!!

I remember being at an event last year for work and they played the national anthem. Everyone in the room stood & placed their hand over their hearts.  I did not want to stand for the anthem because of the reasons stated above but I was scared that someone might say something & because it was a work related event I didn’t want to rock the boat. That’s not to say that I would’ve gotten into trouble at work but I didn’t want to “invite trouble in”. I know VERY passive.

That moment has stuck with me ever since. It’s been like a thorn in my side. I cannot shake my reaction. I am not proud of my reaction, but I learned a personal lesson. You have to stand up or kneel for your convictions. If you don’t it will linger in your spirit and force you out of your comfort zone in both thought and action.

I have never been the person on the forefront of a movement. I am not your Fannie Lou Hamer or your Tami Sawyer. During the civil rights movement, I would’ve been Richie Jean Jackson, or the one making posters for those on the front line. I am quiet resistance but we all know that it takes the NON quiet resistance to get things moving. But we must also know that everyone can’t be the leader. Leaders need support. Colin needs our support; Tami needs our support. I support them both and all who are on the front line.

We all have our own way of expressing our resistance, whether it be big or small, quiet or loud, the choice is yours. Remember someone is paying the price for you to have that choice.


Beewisdom- You’re not to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it. Malcom X

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