Hello Honeybees,

First let me say this…I did NOT attend Myleik Teele’s inaugural My Taught You Retreat. Wishful thinking on my part, but I did follow the hashtag like everyone else and like everyone else I wished that I was there.

Myleik Teele

How can I write about lessons learned from an event that I never attended? Well, it’s because the ladies that were in attendance did such an amazing job of capturing the magic and moments of the weekend that I couldn’t help but be inspired.

I snatched all of these pictures from Instagram by following #MTYRETREAT. I encourage you to go check it out. You will NOT be disappointed.

So here are the lessons that I learned from the #MTYRETREAT.

Lesson One: Black women CAN get along.
Period. Point. Blank.


The pictures alone bear this out. The love and sisterhood that came through the pictures was a beautiful thing to see. The sharing, the dancing, the fun. And don’t forget the picture taking. The pictures and mini photo shoots that happened were awesome. These women believed in Myleik’s vision and invested in her. They supported her and in the end they supported each other.

Lesson Two: Black women move in excellence

NIZUC Resort & Spa

If you know anything about Myleik you know that she is all about excellence. She has worked hard to have the means to do so. From her car to her kitchen utensils and everything in between. But don’t get it twisted it’s not all about material things. It’s also about the people in her circle too. Just look who she brought to the retreat to inspire her guest, Karleen Roy & Kahlana Barfield. It’s not just for show, it’s her lifestyle. I would expect NOTHING short of excellence from anything that Myleik touches. The pictures from the retreat show all the detail that went into the event. If you are gonna do anything do it with excellence. #MyTaughtYou

Lesson Three: Collaborate across


This goes along with lesson one but one step further. I can’t wait to see the collaborations that come out of this retreat. I didn’t see the actual conversations but I know that some pretty dope things will happen because of the time that these ladies spent together. I have a feeling that we will hear “it all started when we meet at the #MTYRETREAT” a lot in the future.

Lesson Four:Treat yourself

Danya Bolden
Christina S. Brown

There were a lot of mommas at the retreat.  Mommas that deserved the self-care time. Mommas that needed the downtime to just have fun. The time spent on the beach, having someone cater to her every need, and let’s not forget all of the pictures about the spa/massages. You don’t have to go all the way to Mexico for this kind of treatment but if you can, why not do it. Remember lesson two #Excellence

Lesson Five:You must act or you won’t move


For those like me that are kicking themselves because they weren’t there, well we get a do over for 2019. I didn’t apply to the retreat because I thought that I wouldn’t be able to afford it. What if I don’t get selected? What about my children? That was just my fear getting in the way. That was me being afraid to act on faith. Well it won’t happen again. Even if I’m not selected, because now everyone and their sister will apply, at least I will try. #Limitlessliving

Thanks Myleik

Beewisdom- Get in the habit of being excellent-Myleik Teele

5 thoughts on “#MTYRETREAT

  1. You did a great job sharing an experience you didn’t have! lol! You really gave me the feel that I was there too – or should have been! I had not heard of this retreat. Thanks for sharing!


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