Fitness First

Hello Honeybees,

At the start of the new year a lot of people make the resolution to start a diet, lose weight and join the gym. I didn’t make that resolution but I did start a fast and I did start to watch what I eat and I started to exercise. In part because my blood pressure that use to always trend on the low side was now trending on the high side.  Seeing these numbers was the motivation that I needed to make my health a priority. I’ve got way too much life left to live. I’ve got children that still need me, future daughters in law to get to know and future grandchildren to spoil.

There is a history of high blood pressure and stroke in my family so playing around is not an option. I have a membership to the Y that’s in my building so I have no excuse. In November we started a Biggest Looser Challenge at work and money is always a motivator. I probably won’t win but I am so proud of myself that I have continued to stick to my no meat meal plan and at least 3 days of exercise a week maybe more.

Shirt: Manetshirts, Workout pants & shoes: Nike

My goal is to lose 10 more pounds, maintain my no meat lifestyle and lower my blood pressure without medicine. I know it won’t be easy but fighting for what you want never is.

Location: Crosstown YMCA

By the way, I don’t always smile when I’m working out. I’m too busy trying to work up a real sweat.


Beewisdom- Fat last longer than flavor


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