Boys To Men

Hello Honeybees,

I had the pleasure of attending two events this past weekend that made me feel nostalgic and showed me that there is hope for the future.

Saturday my cousin graduated from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. He will start graduate school in three weeks.  He will pursue a dual degree with a Masters in Political Science and a JD.

Graduation Brunch
Graduation Brunch
The Graduate
The Graduate

I am so proud of him.

He wants to work in Political Psychology.  Until him I had never heard of such a career.  I’m glad that he has chosen a field that is typically outside of the box. When I was growing up something like this would’ve been frowned upon. We were encouraged to major in something “safe”.  Something that guaranteed a “paycheck”.  Those days are long gone. I talk to my boys about their future careers all the time. I encourage them to do something that they think they will enjoy, not just something that is safe. Reach for YOUR star!


On Sunday I attended the truck party for my godson. He is leaving for Lane College in a week.  The road to college hasn’t always been easy, but nothing worth having ever is. I’m so proud of the work that he has put in. This only shows his strength of character.  As he begins the next chapter of his life I pray for his success. His village is strong and ready to jump in when needed. 


Cole's Trunk Party
The Village

I have known both of these young men since the day they took their first breath. I have watched them grow, stumble, fall AND get back up.

My hope is renewed that they will one day change the world.

I’m honored that I have the pleasure of having a special view.

Are you part of a young persons village? Why or why not?

Belinda Bee pic

Beewisdom- “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.” – Booker T. Washington

One thought on “Boys To Men

  1. Yes! Congrats to them! And I love that definition of SUCCESS. I was just telling someone that an accomplishment is great, but it means so much more based on what you had to overcome to get it!


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