Love Is A House

Hello Honeybees,

My aunt came to Memphis for a visit.  I usually get to see her about once or twice a year.  She and her family are my only relatives still living in the Windy City.  My mom and I moved to Memphis from Chicago when I was 10 years old.  My dad passed at the early age of 32 and my mom thought moving to Memphis would give us a fresh start. 

Now for the record I never wanted to move to Memphis.  I had a life in Chicago (all 10 years of it)

This is the house on the South Side of Chicago where my foundation began

Normal House

In this house I learned the meaning of love and family.  I watched my parents as they showed me what a good marriage looks like… how a man treats a wife and how a wife respects her husband.

In this house I developed my love for sports, especially Steeler football…thanks dad!

In this house I learned to ride a bike and jump double-dutch

Home Saying

In this house I had awesome birthday parties.

In this house I had the best Christmas’ ever.

To me this house represents some of the BEST memories of my life.

To me this house represents LOVE

I have been back to Chicago once since moving to Memphis.  That’s something that has to change and soon.

But I don’t want to go in the winter…yeah I still remember that hawk. Brrrr!!!!

I want to go back now as an adult to shop and definitely eat.  I didn’t know it then but I was cultivating my love for food.


Growing up my cousins and I would spend some part of every summer in Memphis with our grandmother.  I liked Memphis. It was a great place to visit but to move…..Nope, Nada, No way!  But what choice did I have? Unlike today’s children, I didn’t have a vote. 

As a mother I am glad that we made the move to Memphis. Honestly I would rather raise my boys in Memphis than in Chicago.

I hope to one day take my boys to Chicago so that they can see where it all began.  They never got the chance to meet my parents but I share with them the good times that I had in this house. This is where love started for me.

I pray that I am creating those same kind of memories for them in our HOME.

Belinda Bee pic

What was your favorite place to live growing up?

Beewisdom- It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home – Unknown

2 thoughts on “Love Is A House

  1. NICE!!! In Memphis because that is where I met all of my true blue friends! 😀 So glad you moved here or I would never have met you B!!!

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