Girlfriends Gathering

Hello Honeybees,

Saturday night I attended the birthday celebration of my sister friend Jackie O!  Usually when Jackie has a girlfriend gathering I can expect to leave with a new friend, new insight and a renewed spirit.

Saturday was no different!

Jackie & Me

We gathered at the home of one of Jackie’s friends.  Because her friend couldn’t stay long at last year’s gathering due to sitter issues, she hosted this year’s celebration at her house.  Now that says a lot about their friendship and about what a special person Jackie is.  When I walked into the house I was immediately put at ease.  It was so warm and inviting.  The host and her family made us all feel at home.Jackie, Mignonne

There were 8 women sitting around eating, drinking and sharing.

When I say that there was not one bit of gossip……I mean there was not one bit of gossip.

We shared stories about our life, family, careers and relationships.  We offered honest advice like we had been friends for years.  We laughed at stories about some of our most “interesting” adventures….you wouldn’t believe me if I tried to repeat them…which I won’t because:

What happens at Jackie’s gathering stays at Jackie’s gathering

There were some things that were shared that I know no one thought that they would be sharing. Especially with people that you just met, but we bonded like we had been friends forever.

That’s the kind of thing that happens when Jackie brings a group together.  It seems like the right people are together at the right time for the right reason

Again, Saturday was no different.

I left with, new friends, new insight and a renewed spirit

If you ever have the privilege of being invited to a Jackie O! Girlfriend Gathering….don’t miss it.  I’m glad I didn’t

If you want to find Jackie,meet her on the mat at her yoga class on Thursdays at Caritas Village, 6 p.m.      Pay what you can!

Yoga Jackie

Belinda Bee pic

Beewisdom- Be careful the environment you choose for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them.      W. Clement Stone

2 thoughts on “Girlfriends Gathering

  1. Thank you for sharing and I love the beewisdom. It was right on time. I’ve been questioning some friendships lately and I’ve wondered the same thing. Are they adding value to my life or subtracting substance from it. You do become the circle that encompasses you. Therefore, you have to choose your friends wisely.


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