Where’s Honeybee?

Hello Honeybees,

I’m baaaack!!

Did you miss me??  I certainly missed you.

Thank you to those that called, texted, emailed or stopped me to inquire about the blog. To know that I was missed means the world to me.

Let me explain why I took a break or rather why I had to take a break.

Sometime around the end of February, first of March my energy level hit rock bottom, like zero.  Every day by noon I felt like I had worked a 16 hour day.  By 3 pm it was all I could do not to take a nap.  My body was craving rest.  I wasn’t exerting any energy so I shouldn’t be THIS tired.  After talking about it with friends and the ladies at MemphisMomsBlog I decided to go to the doctor.

So tired quote

At first I thought it was my thyroid so I did what everyone does….I Googled it!  I fit some of the symptoms but not all of them or in my opinion not enough to scare me.  I knew that if it was my thyroid I might be on medication and for me that’s not a good thing.  I am the worst medicine taker (new phrase alert) EVER.  I’ll take medicine until I feel better then I stop.  I have NEVER, EVER, EVER finished a Zpak in my life.  I know, I know…I’ve got’s to do better.

Finally I have my doctor’s appointment.  We discuss my symptoms and the doctor orders blood work.  I ask her to check my thyroid, she smiles and says “I am, but I don’t think that’s it because you don’t have enough of the right symptoms”   Didn’t know that I was a MD did you? Yeah neither did I.

When my results come in I get the answers that I need:  Low iron & low vitamin D.

We naturally get Vitamin D from the sun, but for us girls with all that beautiful melanin it’s harder for us to absorb it naturally. Also add that fact that I wear sunscreen EVERYDAY year round.  YES, WE need sunscreen too.  If you want to keep the wrinkles away & help get rid of dark spots, sunscreen is a must.


Vitamin D helps with the body’s abortion of iron. I have always had low iron levels but I HATE taking iron pills. Most people get enough iron intake from their diet (red meat, pork, dark leafy veggies, dried fruits like raisins). I eat red meat on special occasions, pork less than that and I don’t eat raisins.

We need iron to carry oxygen to our cells & muscles or we will feel fatigued.  Not only is my iron normally low but now you add the fact that I don’t have enough vitamin D to help carry what little iron I do have. No wonder a sister is tired.

So I’ve been on an iron, Vitamin D, multivitamin regime for 3 weeks and guess what…. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER.  I feel like writing, I feel like walking, I feel like cooking, I feel my energy level rising.  I feel like ME!!

Honeybee I'm back

Please take care of yourself.  When you feel your energy levels dropping get checked out.  Don’t wait until your body MAKES YOU.

I’m ready to tackle summer 2016.  

See you under the sun

Belinda Bee pic

Beewisdom- “I’m giving you the D, whether you want it or not”- The Sun

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