Why Are You Still Sitting?

Hello Honeybees,

Have you ever watched someone leave a job and wonder how they got the nerve to take that leap of faith? 

Have you ever watch someone start a business and wonder, “How did they do that”?

Have you ever sat on the sideline and watched someone else chase their dream?



IMG_3208 (2)

After working in corporate America for most of my career I was ready for a change.  I knew what I wanted to do as far as my next steps but I also knew that sitting still would not get me there. I was so tired of watching other people “go for it” while I just sat by thinking about mine.  So I got busy….. I did the research, talked to people that could point me in the right direction and most importantly I asked God for guidance.  He answered by connecting me with the right opportunities and people.Yet,  I was still scared to move. Where was my faith? To show me that He meant business & that He was truly trying to answer my prayers, God made is so uncomfortable for me that I had no choice but to move.

I recently ran into someone from a former job and one of the first things that they said was “Are you guys hiring, I’m so sick of this place” I couldn’t help but think to myself… “You have been at this job for over 10 years but you aren’t making any real moves to leave, so obviously you like being here”.  When you get sick and tired of being sick and tired……YOU WILL MOVE. When you figure out that where you are is not your passion or your purpose, YOU WILL MOVE.  Life is too short not to enjoy what you do every day.

IMG_3199 (2)

Was making the change easy?…. NOPE

Was I scared?…..You bet

Did I have to make sacrifices?…..Yes & I still do

Am I happy that I am not still sitting….. NO DOUBT!!

Lesson learned….when you ask God for something & He agrees to give it to you….BE READY!!!

We can’t be afraid to move.

We can’t be afraid to take a chance. 

We can’t be afraid to jump!

Are you ready to jump?

Belinda Bee pic

Beewisdom-  Making a big life change is pretty scary, but know what’s even scarier?        Regret! -unknown

10 thoughts on “Why Are You Still Sitting?

  1. Thank you for being my inspiration! Thank you for being a motivator! Thank you for especially being my friend!

    Keep going Belinda 🙂 love you

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Hey Belinda!!! Remember those visual merchandise days? You’ve accomplished a lot since you ran away from the plantation😀 Happy for you💕


  3. This is the perfect inspiration for me today! You do not know how much this fits what I am going through! Thank you so much!



    1. Hang in there Sharon…. I’m so glad this reached you. Let me know if I can do anything and let me know when you land where you want to be. THANK YOU for reading the blog.


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