Hello Honeybees,

This month I have the privilege of completing chapter 1 of BloggingWithBee and starting Chapter 2

This month I will finish chapter 48 of my life and start chapter 49

This month I will start chapter 4 of my nonprofit career

Next month I will start writing chapter 17 of parenthood

This year I started writing chapter 9 of being single again

So many chapters in just one book but this is the book that I only get to co-author. God is the author of  the book of my life.  He writes the stories and uses me to bring them to life.  So maybe I’m not the co-author but I am the main character.

book pic 1

I learned somewhere around chapter 39 or 40 to stop comparing my book to someone else’s book.  We ALL have our own book.  My book is being written JUST FOR ME. Sometimes I slip up and start comparing, I’m human and not perfect, but I have learned to adjust my thoughts and keep turning the pages of my OWN book.

My chapter 49 will not look like your chapter 49.

My chapter 21 didn’t look like your chapter 21.

book pic 3

I am so in love with the book that is being written about my life.  It has all kinds of plot twist and surprises. I mean A LOT of surprises. This book can be a comedy, a drama or action packed.  Either way I can’t put it down.  This book has my attention every day, all day. 

Even though I am the star of this book, I have no idea what comes next.  I have made suggestions to the author but I know that His plans are so much better than mine.

I hope that my book has at least 99 chapters.  99 chapters that will keep me turning pages unable to put the book down.   

Watch out chapter 49 I can’t wait to read you!

BelindaBee pic

What is your favorite chapter?

Beewisdom-In the book of life, the answers aren’t in the back- Charlie Brown

3 thoughts on “Chapters

  1. Love this! I’m on chapter 37, and it’s already been an interesting one like so many before it. I have had some great chapters, but I think my best ones haven’t been written yet. We’ll see!


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