Apples & Oranges

Hello Honeybees,

In my March lessons learned post I talked about people not being who they POST to be. I received a lot of positive feedback from that lesson. People understand that sentiment. I’ve heard people say that they don’t follow certain people because it makes them feel “unhappy” about their own lives. To that I say if it makes you that unhappy then it is absolutely in your best interest to not follow. But I also say that you should not compare your apples to their oranges

Some will share the good & the not so good, while others will only share the good. If you are only seeing the good then you by into the “they have the perfect life ” but come on now…we all know that no one has a perfect life.

Their apple tree is not always bearing fruit. Just like your orange tree is not always bearing oranges. There is always a harvest time.  There is always a time where you must pick the fruit to make room for the next.  It’s that time between the picking season & the next harvest that people don’t share.

Here are 3 ways to help you move past comparing your apples to other peoples oranges:


No matter where you are in your life you have something to be grateful for. You may not have the million dollar house or the fancy car or the smartest kids but what you do have is a place to sleep, a car that goes from point A to point B and kids that are alive & healthy. Do not discount that. Count it all joy!


It’s ok to NOT be perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect person. God made only one YOU. You are unique. Own it and move forward being the best you that you can be.


Your starting point could be someone’s middle or end. Focus on where you want to go and the steps that you need to take to get there. You lose sight of your goal and precious time comparing your journey to others.

Have I fallen victim to the comparison game…..of course I have and will again BUT it’s acknowledging it, letting it go and refocusing that is important. I totally use my social media “family” as inspiration, not to keep up but to keep it moving.


Who are some of your social media inspirational influencers?

Beewisdom- Don’t compare yourself with anyone else in the world. If you do you are insulting yourself-

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