Real G’s Move In Silence

Hello Honeybees,

Ok, so I am not a Lil Wayne fan but I do love the line… “Real G’s move in silence like the G in lasagna.” I admit that I didn’t know about the whole lasagna reference until my 18 yo son hipped me to it.  One day I was sharing what I thought was some motherly advice that went something like this:

Me: “Real G’s move in silence”

Him: “like the g in lasagna”

Me: Looking at him like he cursed.

Him: “What, that’s the rest of that line from a Lil Wayne song”

Me: Lil Wayne? You have got to be kidding me

Him: Nope, it’s in a Lil Wayne song

Me: heads to Google

Also me: people really had a debate about the “G” in lasagna being silent and if the “G” stood for gansta.

Anyway, here is MY point and his I think, EVERYONE doesn’t need to know your every move. Keep some things to yourself. After you have made your move that’s when you let the world know so that we can all celebrate with you. For me when I’m making a Real G move the fewer people that know about it the better. I don’t need any negative energy around me. I will share it with the people that I trust and that I know are in my corner. Positive vibes ONLY!

I know that social media makes it really easy to overshare, says the lady with a blog, however I share the parts of my life that I choose to share at the time that I want to share.  It’s not that I’m trying to hide anything but somethings are better left unsaid until they can speak for themselves.

                                                               Tommy Hilfiger Shirt: TJMaxx, Shoes:Marshalls, Coach Purse:Gift, Skirt:Gift

Believe me The Honeybee is planning, strategizing and executing and when the time is right I will share my moves with the world. But until then just know that this G is moving………in silence.

Beewisdom-When you build in silence, they don’t know what to attack-



3 thoughts on “Real G’s Move In Silence

  1. Yes to all of this! I agree that everyone doesn’t need to all of your moves. What did we do before all of this access and exposure via social media?

    P.S. I haven’t heard the Lil’ Wayne song, so you just schooled me! 😉


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